Graphs Galore!

First let me apologize for not being around regularly lately. I’ve had a lot of health matters I’ve been dealing with over the past 8 weeks and finally was able to get into the specialist on Wednesday. More testing on Monday and hopefully the procedure on Tuesday to remove the stone that is lodged down past my kidneys.

Anyways, enough TMI, last week in my 7th and 8th grade resource classes, we wrapped up our unit on graphs and ended on a high note.

The last graph that we covered was a circle graph and my students loved it the most of the ones we created.

We started with out data chart where they got to choose the topic. Both classes chose favorite sport but different choices overall. Once we tallied everyone’s votes, we converted them into a fraction of the total amount of votes and then into a percentage.

This lead us to discussing that a circle graph represents 100% of a group and we must fill in the appropriate percentage for our graph to be accurate. We discussed that finding a round number that we could easily fill in would be a great place to start. One of my groups had 54% for Football and they knew it was right over 50%. This made it easy for the last three percentage to be filled in as well.

This year I have been adding in more open-ended responses after our activities so that my students can communicate themselves mathematically and make connections from their learning into everyday life.

Since working in their Interactive Notebooks this year is a new thing for them, my students are continuously heard saying that they are excited about math for a change and would rather work doing a notebook lesson than a review game. I’ve seen my classroom management become so much easier because they are engaged and actively working non-stop.

And because my students love to be “famous” here are some more of their samples from our Circle Graph creations! Reminds me, I need more markers!

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