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Been a few days…

If you have seen my last couple of posts you have seen I’ve been on bed rest waiting for surgery. I had my surgery to break up the kidney stone Tuesday afternoon and was sent home. Needless to say within the hour I was in extreme pain again and it kept getting worse. Our night unfolded with another trip back to the ER for an IV, pain meds and X-rays. Wow, I was beyond dehydrated since I had only eaten a chicken sandwich after surgery (that didn’t stay in my stomach due to nausea) and nothing since 7:30 pm the night before.

On the road to recovery now and I hope to post the winners for my Fantastic Fall-ower Giveaway this weekend so my friends can get their goodies.

I appreciate all the sweet comments keeping me motivated during this time. I hope to back in the swing of things over Thanksgiving break!

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