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I’ve Got Georgia On My Mind… {SW Georgia RESA Recap}

Georgia On My Mind- Southwest Georgia Workshop Recap

Last week was another amazing week of travel and training with teachers in mind. This two day workshop has been a work in progress since May and I am so thrilled that all the hype I had it in my mind for it to be, I was STILL blown away!

Tuesday of last week was my first travel day. I was up at Oh-Dark-30 (4:30 am to be exact) to get to the airport before my 7 am flight. I haven’t flown in about two years prior to this but it went great!  Got into Atlanta with no issues and was able to grab my rental car and start my 3 hour drive down to Albany, GA.

Wednesday and Thursday were my workshop days and despite being a little nervous (workshop was 45 minutes away from where I was staying- small towns people), I was really ready to get started.

Southwest 7th-10th grade Georgia Workshop with 4mulaFun

We totally had a great time together. They loved the samples that I had made for SW Georgia RESA to keep and continue to to motivate them as they implement Interactive Notebooks in their classroom this year and next. I might have just learned a few things from them as well that I am excited to have added to my “to-do” list.

I will tell you the 7th-10th grade teachers made me feel right at home and the Georgia charm they was shown to me was so captivating.

SW Georgia 3rd-6th Grade Workshop Recap

Day two was another fun day. I had a blast getting to know the 3rd-6th grade teachers and we just had a creative vibe going all day that was so fun. As you can see giving them time to create their cover sheets was fun and exciting all at the same time. You could tell those that were more of the “Let’s Get It Done” mentality versus taking time to making it their own.

Post It, Prove It with Southwest Georgia RESA

Before lunch I introduced them to the Post It, Prove It strategy and asked them a question to help give me some input on where to go in the afternoon with ideas they had.

When we came back from lunch we created another 6 or 7 flippables and had some great ideas to take back into the classroom the very next day. The number one thing that I kept repeating throughout the two days is that NO TWO NOTEBOOKS WILL EVER BE THE SAME!

It doesn’t matter if you are teaching the same class several times a day, the same students all in the same classroom or even a small group all together… all notebooks will be different and that is okay!


Hence I started thinking of the acronym YMMV (Your Manager May Vary) that is used in the couponing world and just had to create this poster for you! Feel free to click on the image and grab it for free (or click here).

Glad to be home and preparing for my next adventure to help more teachers!

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