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September has Arrived and Time for Currently!

Currently in September

Just a quick blog post to jump in with September’s Currently and then I will be back tomorrow with a recap from last week where I spent time in South Georgia working with some amazing teachers.

Listening– What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good marathon of something that I can just have going and fade in and out of paying attention to. (Law & Order SVU, Numbers, Bones, NCIS, Burn Notice, …)

Loving– Yep, now that I am working from home and the road I need to make sure that I am on a regular schedule for sleeping. Hubby and I have both adjusted our official work schedules and hope to start fresh this month.

Thinking– Have lots to do and lists are already written!

Wanting– Self explanatory!

Needing– Yep! Just between my shoulders and then my lower back…. they just need to be given a work through.

And the last three… goals for me this month are to stay true with a protein shake per day, walk 20 miles this month (my normal walk is 1.2 mies) and then to find away to have some me time each week.

Thanks once again to the Fabulous Farley for hosting Currently so that the online blogging teacher community can truly get to know each other further

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