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Fit for some FLAIR!

Do you remember growing up and seeing the waiters and waitresses at TGI Friday’s who wore suspenders filled with flair? And then when Facebook originally started there was an app that you could add flair to each others wall? Yep, I’m a little ADDICTED to flair and I love to have some quirky flair in my life!

Math Button Bundle

For the recent Conference for the Advancement of Math Teachers I created 5 new buttons that I had never before created for other conferences. I ended up having some extras and wanted to let others that have a LOVE of FLAIR enjoy them in their lives as well… this means YOU!

Gee Im A Tree Buttons

There is a style for just about everyone!  Just click on any of the pics and you will be directed to my Teachers Pay Teachers store where you can grab some today. Each button is 1″ in diameter and looks cute attached to your lanyard, on a bulletin board, or even with a magnet added to the back and added to your board!

Inspired Math Buttons

Nerd 4 Life Buttons

Pirate Buttons

This Girl Loves Math Buttons

Grab some for you, for a friend or for a fellow teacher buddy! They are the perfect little gift.

Shh, but I may just be bringing some to my Judson workshop next week to giveaway!

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