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Solve and Snip- Interactive Learning for Math

Are you tired of giving your students a boring worksheet only to have half of them actually complete their work? Then Solve & Snip Interactive Practice Activities are PERFECT for you!

What exactly is a Solve & Snip?

A Solve & snip is a set of 10 word problems covering a focused skill in math or possibly themed around a certain time period. Each comes with two pages of 5 word problems each (meant to be copied front to back) with a column next to each problem to no only show your work but to also attach their answer from a bank of ten answers that are also given to the students.

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Now when it comes to the answer bank I do not label the number in the answer because sometimes that would be a dead giveaway for where the answer should go. Just having the number ensures that the student must work out the problem to get the solution.

One extra thing I do with the answer slips print them on a different color so they stand out when I am grading and life becomes 100x easier!

Click on the cover to be taken to my TpT Store to purchase the activity for only $1.00!

Currently I have several different Solve & Snips in the store for only $1 each! I have many more in the works and its my goal to release all of the 6th grade Solve & Snips by January 1st! Then I will move on to 7th grade level.

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Please feel free to share topics with me that you might like me to bump up to the top of the release list. I already have holidays/celebrations through Spring started and will release each of them approximately one month before the given holiday/celebration.

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