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Everyday Storyteller Blog Hop

Do you have a story? Are you telling it? Join me today in a blog hop of all the contributors for Everyday Storyteller. Each of us will be sharing an extra tip that goes along with our contribution to the eBook that will be released at 10 pm on Friday, May 10th after the VIP launch party.

Which reminds me, have you signed up for the launch party yet? Why not? There has already been one FREE Party Favor released to all the VIPs and you can grab it now if you sign up here as well.

The launch party starts at 8:30 CDT THIS FRIDAY! There will be over $700 in giveaways for those that attend.

My tip for you is….

Don’t let a sketch stop you because your picture isn’t the right size. Change things a bit to incorporate what you have or use multiple photos to take up the room of one larger photo.

Do you want to win the eBook before you can purchase it? Each member of the blog hop will be giving one away. Simply leave a comment below before 11:59 pm CDT TODAY when comments will be closed. I will then select a winner randomly to receive the book early!

Are you ready to get to hopping?  Click on any of the links below and start going around! Have fun!


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