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Doodle Me This, Doodle Me That {A Doodle & Character Font Tutorial}

How often have you looked at some amazing doodle fonts only to ask yourself, “How do I use that?


Need an example of what I am talking about? Let’s look at KG Flavor and Frames Five. When you type a lowercase or uppercase letter as well as many of the symbols and numbers, you will see various forms of different graphics rather than letters. (You can grab the font here FREE for Personal Use as well as a PDF of what each character creates.)

Doodle Fonts as Pictures Logo

Just an FYI: My tutorial is in PowerPoint but will also work in Publisher.

doodle fonts step 1

First: Create a text box and change the font of your text box to the font you want to use.

doodle fonts step 2

Second: Select the corresponding character you want and type that letter or symbol.

doodle fonts step 3

Third: Highlight your image within the text box with your mouse or by using Ctrl-A to select all.

doodle fonts step 4

Fourth: Enlarge your image by changing your font size. Tip: I typically use 300-400 so it saves nice and large.

doodle fonts step 5

Fifth: Now the fun part. Keep your text box selected and right-click with your mouse to bring up the handy menu. Select “Save As Picture.”

doodle fonts step 6

Sixth: When the Save box comes up make sure to take note where you will be saving it to as this will hep you from having to search for your item later. Give the picture a clear name and select save.

doodle fonts step 7

Seventh: Now, go back into your document and delete the text box from before. It is okay, I promise! Then you will go up to Insert and choose picture.

doodle fonts step 8

Eighth: Make sure you are search the folder that you save your item in and then select the image to insert.

doodle fonts step 9

Ninth: Once the image is in your document you can now crop it closer so you don’t have excess white space but also re-size as needed.

doodle fonts step 10

Tenth: Now that you have this doodle (or frame in this case) created, re-save it over your previous file so that you have the newest cropped version saved. You can now insert text in these labels and use them as frames doodles on papers, etc. as needed.

Looking for some of my fav doodle fonts?

Top Ten Free Doodle Fonts

I hope that this tutorial has helped you and that you may take the time to play with some amazing doodle and character fonts like those listed for download here.


Edited 2/18/14: I’ve now added this to Erica Bohrer’s Getting Started on TpT Linky Party.

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