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Happy and Healthy at Home {Five for Friday Linky Party}

I know that I am not the only one who enjoyed the three-day weekend we just had. I always thought it would be great to have them regularly but seriously they seem to make the week DRAG on forever for some reason.

4mulaFun Office

Tuesday started bright and {somewhat} early with breakfast in my office as I was catching up on some emails, starting to work on my next unit and eating breakfast {muffin and coffee}.

Happy Mail

Wednesday was perked up by receiving some Happy Mail from a Bestie that I met through the online Teacher Blogosphere. She knows me to a T and sent me some FABULOUS owl goodies! I’ve already played with the pen a bit so that I could see the wings flap. The bookmarks are too precious and you can grab yours here (I have only been asked a million times).

Smart Husband

Every evening on the way home from work hubby asks me if I need anything. Well one afternoon this week I just needed something chocolate and I mentioned that cupcakes sounded good. I was totally joking and didn’t expect cupcakes. Well, not only did I get cupcakes but I also got what you see here. Oh my goodness is he ever a SmArT hubby! {And this will take me forever to go through so he is even smarter!}

Protein Smothie

See… there has been some healthy this week. I started back on my daily smoothies since I am back home for a bit. Last weekend I grabbed a new protein powder to try (Raw Fit – Link to Amazon for BEST price) at hubby’s suggestion. Let me tell you.. it is super hard to find something that is dairy free (allergy) and gluten free (choice because of the way gluten makes me feel) and that tastes good.

I did the full scoop for the first smoothie and it was very gritty to me. I could do it but it was just not as yummy as my prior smoothies using Trader Joe’s Organic Protein. Day 2 (and the smoothie shown above) was with 1/2 scoop of protein powder and definitely tasted so much better! I will continue with this route.

Happy Pupies

Funny thing how that anywhere I am working, the dogs want to be with me. Yesterday Sookie (in the back) snuck over to get to her pillow when Mollie (front) got up for some reason. Well Mollie didn’t much care about that and she just came back in and snuggled her way back in.

They seriously love having a spot in the bottom of my office closet for them to be lazy. And yes, those are pictures and personal artwork that need to be hung. We will only be in this rental for another four months so I am now at that point that it isn’t worth it to hang them up.


Thanks once again to Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting the Five for Friday weekly linky and getting to share a bit of my week with others as well as jumping into a bit of their lives.

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