Days Gone By…

In Shimelle’s current class, Cover to Cover, we have been prompted to look into our albums and find the gaps. What stories are missing from our storytelling adventures as scrapbookers. I mulled over this for quite some time and I finally realized that what is missing in my albums is the time from 2006-2008.

During this time, I was married to a man who wasn’t for me. I was in an unhealthy relationship that cause me to not be at my best. I wasn’t happy.

The journaling reads:

“What is there to say? In 2006, I got married. His name was Jeff and times were okay. I wasn’t on my anxiety meds so everything got to me including those who were telling me that marriage wasn’t healthy. I was determined as the “good Christian girl” who didn’t believe in divorce despite the numerous times of having to say that during the marriage. He was the first person to ever tell me that he loved me. I took that to mean we were destined to be together forever. Shortly before the wedding (a few weeks) I took my ring off and gave it back to him. Knowing now, this was definitely a red flag. This wasn’t meant to be but I forced it because in my eyes it was what was “next” in my life. Less than two years later and TONS of tears, I came to the realization that despite all of my continuous efforts, my life wasn’t where it was deemed to be. I called my dad and told him I was ready to file and on April 27, 2008 I did just that and have NEVER looked back.”

How have you scrapbooked the hard times? Do you have gaps in your current scrapbooking projects of stories not told?

5 thoughts on “Days Gone By…”

  1. You know how much I LOVE thus LO! you totally rocked it! I think this was an important story to scrap and a beautiful way to fill the gap. I often ponder scrapping the harder times, but have never actually done it…

  2. Thank you for your courage int telling this story and sharing it with us. I think it’s important to include the “bad” memories, too, especially when those difficult things we’ve gone through have made us stronger, better, braver people. I admire you.

    • Thank you for such a sweet comment. I do believe that time in my life has made me a better person all around.

  3. I’m not in the class, but I’ve been trying to make sure stories are complete. I just had pictures for my grandmas funeral printed. I was also missing the CN tower that we did. Mostly, because while I harbor no bad feelings about the funeral, it feels like everything else about that trip was bad. I’d never thought about what you said, that I hadn’t scrapped it because of the bad memories.

    Thanks for sharing.


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