Weekend Wrap-Up… Oh my, so busy!

OH my goodness, this weekend was a blur! We had so much to do and I was so happy to just live and be a part of it. I’ve learned that my phrase lately has been, “Does it make me/you happy?” If it does, then it is part of my life and if it doesn’t then I don’t do it. Simple as that.

Friday Aretha is getting so big and still so cute! Hubby and I went out on a date to the steak house here in town.

SaturdayWoke up with some play time with Aretha. Let the big dogs play outside while we were getting ready. Was craving a sweet treat and hubby surprised me by taking me (eyes closed and everything) to Sprinkles since we were in town. My friend A, who is now living with us, did my hair very steampunk-ish. Wearing my first maxi dress that I am absolutely in love with! Had some fun at the Welcome Back party for A where Toby the cat let a bowl be balanced on his head for quite some time. Champagne toast. Me and A being silly. Hubby and I looking cute! Stocking up on new books at Half Price Books… yea!

Sunday Started the next step of some custom notecards for an Etsy order. A has become attached to Aretha. They LURVE each other! My mess to create the custom notecards. The sample notecard for the customer that is now a completed order and ready to give.


I never felt like the weekend was flying by in any way, shape or form so that totally led to it being that much better. I loved the time spent with new friends, old friends and more. I am looking forward to the last 9 days of school and then a summer of good, happy times.

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