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Currently… in March


So, I have to explain the Like, Love, Hate. Jif has just come out with a new Hazelnut flavored Peanut Butter. There was a coupon when we went shopping last week and I just had to try it. So yummy! Now, it’s not taking the place of Nutella in my life but it’s a close second.

I love my roomie Jen-Jen! We have actually known each other for 20 years (since middle school) and reconnected through hubby as he knew of her through their groups that overlap. So from pre-teens to roommates! 🙂

I hate jealousy and all the evil it brings out in people. I know that some of it overlaps with envy and I myself have been known to say I am “jealous” of something but I think I really mean to say I am proud of them and see the happiness it brings them and in turn it might make me happy too. 🙂

So have you linked up this month? I’d love if you left a comment so I can make sure to check yours out as well!

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