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Domeo Recliner Folio iPad Case Review {and a GIVEAWAY!}

Right around Christmas I was contacted to do a review for Domeo iPad cases. I was on the hunt for a better iPad case and jumped on the chance. Now that I have used the case for about 6 weeks, I have to tell you…. I am in LOVE!

Recliner Folio 2

I chose the black/grey color scheme for my iPad case and it works GREAT for my iPad 2. I love that it also makes it look VERY professional when I am out and about. I don’t feel bad at all by putting my iPad in my purse to take with me everywhere as it stays protected and it has a loop for my Stylus to stay in place.


Now, the little bumps on the inner cover are what makes this case take the cake for me! It allows me to put my iPad in various positions as I work. Let me tell you, it has become a lifesaver when I am working on my computer and need to be able to access email at the same time but not take away from what I am doing. I have also used it as document viewer when I am searching through Common Core Standards and working on my TpT products.


Now, don’t think I am all business with it. I did watch the latest episode of Bones the other night in bed with my iPad and it worked awesome! I was able to lay on my side, have my iPad at a comfortable level and see the entire screen.

The only thing I would recommend for you if you use a case like this is to definitely take it into Geek Squad (or the like) and let them add the screen protector for you. It does cost around $15 for them to install it but you can be sure that not only is it done correctly but there are NO BUBBLES!

Domeo iPad Case Giveaway

Now, how would you like to win a FREE Recliner Folio iPad case of your own? Join the Rafflecopter fun!

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