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St. Patricks Day Fun in Math

Yes, St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to do something fun in the classroom to review skills but also bring in something fun?

I have created three different Solve and Snips for various grade levels and they are each available in my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook Store.


The 4th Grade Solve and Snip focuses on skills relating to Elapsed Time. When I taught lower grades this was always a difficult skill for my students and what could be more fun than working with some silly Irish names at a parade and Irish Festival and helping them determine how long something takes?


The 5th and 6th Grade Solve and Snip focuses on Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Decimals. Even in the upper grades this is a skill that we must constantly work on time and time again. Now you can follow through and help the leprechauns solve some problems and practice your multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals at the same time.


Last, but not least, would be the 7th and 8th Grade Solve and Snip focusing on Proportions! If your state testing is as proportion centered as the STAAR in Texas, this will be PERFECT! {Literally my students can solve 60% of the test if they know how to use proportions correctly!}

Solve and Snip Requests

So feel free to grab one, or more, of these seasoned Solve and Snips and let me know what else you are looking for by completing the Solve and Snip Request survey! I’m working on those as we speak!

P.S. Middle School Teachers– I will have a Pi Day Solve and Snip coming soon!

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