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Book Blogging Buddies Read What’s Your Math Problem

Summer is quickly approaching which means I’m not going to have fun classroom stories to share with you!  SOOOOO, I’ve teamed up with three other AWESOME ladies to form a math book club:

Jamie Riggs from MissMathDork

Meg Anderson  from Fourth Grade Studio

and Jennifer Findley from Teaching to Inspire 5th Grade

We are super excited to announce that our first book for out book club reading will be NCTM President, Linda Gojak’s book What’s Your Math Problem?.  Click on the book image below to go straight to Amazon and purchase your book!

Make sure to pick up your book and have the first chapter read by June 12th!  Then check back in to read our post and join in the discussion! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!

And because we have such awesome readers and caused Amazon to sell out, here are some other resources to purchase the book:

Shell Education Ebook

Barnes and Noble

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