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INBs for You and Me!

Over the course of the past three years of my teaching, I have used Interactive Notebooks to help interact with and engage the learners in my 7th and 8th grade classrooms. During this time I have learned so much not only about myself as a teacher but also about myself as a learner while observing my students.

When I think back on it, back when I was teaching 2nd grade in 2006-2009, I used interactive learning and we did a lot of various types of Flippables that we stored in our Math and Writing Bags. Who knew my love for ORGANIZED and INTERACTIVE learning would develop so much!

 photo 88f377f6-609a-4517-9c63-a47ba7504a48_zpsa76a2b95.jpg

Last Spring, I knew I wanted to change my Interactive Notebooks to make them the BEST for the upcoming school year. I started planning in April for this school year and I kept that momentum all year as I continued to use Interactive Notebooks in the classroom. I filmed a few videos where I showed the prior years notebooks and beginning stages of this years notebook, my 7th Grade Math notebook and also my 7th and 8th Grade Resource Math notebook.

Where does that bring us today? 

 photo de65c017-4d50-48f6-bf83-3a8ab50d41d0_zps50fc05d8.jpg

I have decided that with all the talk about Interactive Notebooks I have seen in various forms online, the daily contact I receive via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. asking questions about how to implement Interactive Notebooks and even as a follow up for the upcoming workshops that I am teaching, that it was just evident I needed to start a monthly Linky Party!

So here we are! It’s the 28th of May and we are starting a montly linky party for Interactive Notebooks. Feel free to link up any blog posts you have written, videos you have created or pictures that you have taken over the past 2-3 months. Starting next month, we will take posts from the past month.

I want to keep this fresh and help others who are looking for ideas on how to implement Interactive Notebooks into their classroom. All subjects and grades are welcome!

I would love for you to follow the Farley Rule of 3. Read and comment on (at least) the three people before you to share the love. You never know when an idea from another subject/grade will spark a thought in your mind on how you can implement it into your classroom.

Please share the love of the Interactive Notebook Linky Party! Blog about it, tweet about it, Pin It, throw it out on Facebook! The more you share, the more we all grow together in our professional development! 🙂

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