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Here, There, Everywhere… well Arkansas!


While I know many of you are within the throws of standardized testing, Spring Fever and truly just ready for a sanity break I have been busy working on new material and some revamping of some older material that I know you will be excited for when they are released this summer.

Today I will be heading to Little Rock, Arkansas for the Arkansas Association of Middle Level Educators. This conference for middle school teachers is on Monday and Tuesday and will defintiely be excited to see these teachers again after speaking there last summer as well.

After this conference I am happy to say that I have a dedicated time before the round of summer conferences and will be working like mad on products! Not only will I be updating some products that have been there for awhile (I know you will enjoy the updates) but I also have some great new ones coming your way.

What are you looking for to use next year? Any specific things you want more of? I’m starting my list and checking it twice!

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