Clearing Teacher Clutter- Managing Your Computer Desktop

Are you constantly downloading and saving new things but don't know where they all are much less what they are named? Come grab some tricks to get you started in clearing your desktop and saving your sanity!

So you downloaded some files last week and you know you saved them on your computer (flash drive, Dropbox, etc.) but now you totally can’t find them? This is the case off a many people and just like you I am MEGA guilty!

Desktop Clutter
Does your computer desktop look like a hodge podge of icons that you can’t even remember what half of them are? While I personally rarely save things to my desktop I have gotten into the habit of putting things I am currently working with on there. Well when you are working on multiple projects at at time this can get a little it crazy.

First thing I did was sit down and rename things that were on my desktop to be exactly what they were so I could identify them. It is perfectly okay to rename something after you have downloaded it! In fact, I command you to do this as only you know how you plan to use it and while I might name a file I upload as FREEBIE_EditableMatchbookTemplate_4mulaFun you may only care to know that it is the Matchbook Template. All that other junk is so it sorts better in my personal files and gives me ownership when it is downloaded by you.

After you have renamed the Organized Desktopfiles that are sitting on your desktop to through with a fine tooth comb and determine which of those files are necessary to be on your desktop, which ones can be filed away and which an be purged all together. Fill the recycle bin first but don’t delete it yet! Move files that you aren’t using, or shortcuts that you don’t need often, to your files section. This could be on your hard drive, external drive or any cloud based software (Dropbox, Carbonite, etc.). The files you have left now are ready to be further organized.

I have always used a method of lumping like things on my desktop but it wasn’t until recently that’s started using an actual desktop organizer. There are a lot of FREE ones out there but they aren’t all customizable so I grabbed one from xyz that I not only got to choose my colors for but also the headings for each section.

File Storage Organization

When it comes to storing your files it’s best to start big and go small. I have what I think of as a set of roots in my file organization.

On my classroom flash drive I had main files for each unit I taught. So it would be U1-Integers, U2-Decimal Operations, U3-Fraction Operations, etc. I did it this way so that they would stay in unit order and not be mixed up by the different titles. I need EASY!

Underneath each of these I had more folders. The folders that I had included INB Files, Practice, Activities, Exit Tickets, Assessments. This allowed me to keep all of my files for my units organized to where I can find them. I went completely digital in my files and this is where they all stayed! My filing cabinet had 1 drawer for paper files of things that I hadn’t scanned in to create a digital copy of. The rest was for colored paper reams, benchmark tests, etc.

Make it functional for how you work. Think about what you would search to find something and make it happen! It may take you a few hours to get this started and you may want to do it a few pieces at a time but you CAN do this!

Do you want to have a pretty Customized Desktop Designcustomized desktop for your newly organized files? Well just for you I have secured one from the fabulous Christa Barlow of Christa Barlow Designs on Etsy. I have this very desktop in my blog colors on my main desktop in my office and I love it! I did add my Melonheadz to it to give it a little more ME but it looks just so cute! You get to pick 4 colors and tell Christa the headings that you want and she will send you the full size file perfect for your desktop! Don’t forget to enter below by Monday, January 26th at 11:59pm Central.

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And for those of you who have made it this far, I have to say THANK YOU for the concern as I have been away recovering from surgery on the 13th. I took some time to rest and recover afterwards that was much needed. I am still not full speed but it has been what I needed to get better for all of us. Sitting for long periods is the hardest thing and sadly it is what I must do to be able to work on my computer.

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