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Sweet and New Layout Instructions

It seems funny to me that a few weeks ago I was contemplating adding something to my Etsy shop and decided to wait at that time. Then fast forward to Monday where I received an email asking for those very items to be added to my shop.


And so it was born. I have now started adding Layout Pattern PDF files to my shop. I am only charging $1.75 for each set of layout instructions! These instructions are exactly what I would type up for my classes and give out as part of the class. So basically you are getting it all in a concise file that you can print at your own discretion. How cool is that?

I have them under the Creations with Jenn section in my Etsy shop so they are easy to find. I hope that you will enjoy these and use them for many layouts to come.

My question to you is this… Are you interested in only 2 page layouts or would you enjoy 1 page layouts as well? The price for those would be $1. Let me know in the comments and I will draw a name for a free Layout Pattern! 🙂

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