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It’s Already October?

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone? I have been using all of my spare moments working on things for my classroom that I truly didn’t realize that it was already October! Where have I been?

Like I said, it has been a crazy busy time and I’m working hard daily to stay ahead in the planning for my classes. Teaching mixed ability levels in the two resource classes with up to 23 objectives going at a time has me going every which way. Then there are my 7th Grade Math classes that I love! This is the first year of middle school for our 7th graders and therefore the adjustment is always fun with different teachers each class period.

This week we are reviewing basic equations and jumping into multiply and dividing fractions. For review of basic equations, I used the same wheel method that @mathequalslove used and did 8 equations with them. One of my classes needed to me to walk them through 75% of them, the second class did 1/2 on their own and the last class just wanted one example and we were able to move around and let other students create equations.

To extend equations a bit further, today I had them choose an equation from their wheel and write a word problem that represented that equation on an index card. As you can see the equation went at the top, then the word problem on the lines. They showed their work on the back. I will never forget one student who said, “I finally get what you mean when the number next to the variable can’t be combined with the other number.” I guess my example of apples and bananas wasn’t enough for him. Tires and cars worked for him. LOL!

As we go into multiplying and dividing fractions, we are taking some time to work with models in our INBs.

Click on the picture to be taken to my TpT store to purchase a bundle with both flippables!
Click on the picture to be taken to my TpT store to purchase a bundle with both flippables.

I really think that although it may be “notes” that the students will enjoy exploring with models as well as having examples in their notes.

I do have some fun projects planned to extend their learning for next week! Can’t wait to share those with you later this week! 🙂

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