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What are you Thankful for today?

Before you go thinking I am off my rocker, I know it’s not Thanksgiving. Shouldn’t we always be thankful for something?

I’ve been an absent blogger for the past two weeks or so. I have had some stuff written and just haven’t put it out there for one reason or another. I’ve had absolutely NO inspiration, motivation or desire to create something new. The “mojo” walked out the door and didn’t leave a forwarding address. There have been a lot of personal stressors that have caused some rough times. I’m human, I have generalized anxiety disorder along with obsessive-compulsive disorder and I live with it. Well, some times…

Last week, I got to the worst of it all. I was BLAH feeling and couldn’t move forward in just about anything. Nothing and no one motivated me. My meds were the same, we had started with the fertility specialist, life was still going on… but my mind wasn’t.

Why do I take the time to share this with you? First, so others know that they aren’t alone. Second, to share my life as I do on a regular basis through layouts and such. I’m an open book and don’t want to hide things behind walls, it makes things worse.

So, what did I do to get out of this? I adjusted my meds a bit (doc approves) and am seeing if that will help for awhile. I also kept making myself go on and not give up. Saturday, I finally created for the first time in awhile. It felt great to have a sense of accomplishment to see things marked off my list of what I wanted to make for my classroom. Granted, it wasn’t a new layout but it was a step in the right direction and it was the “therapy” I so desperately needed at that moment.

Where does that put me now? I am thankful! I am thankful that I have such a strong, supportive husband who is patient and pushes me to work through these things. I am thankful that today was a great day and things seem to be turning around. I am thankful that I found $10 in the pocket of my pants today. I am thankful that the Summer Institute I started today with Region 10 has better benefits than I expected. I am thankful that we were released early today. I am thankful that my husband is driving up to spend time with me this evening and tomorrow when I have off.

I could definitely go on with my list. There are so many things each and every day to be thankful of and we must be ever mindful of those so that we don’t lose sight of the many great things to come. Be thankful, be appreciative!

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