Are you Pinspired?

A few weeks back, I saw an adorable pin creating a quote canvas using book or magazine pages. I pinned it right away and filed it for future reference.

Flash forward to having an extra canvas laying around, I knew I wanted to do something fun with it and make it for my house. So while the hubby was away, I got busy!

First thing I did was go through a book of poems about happiness. I pulled out poems that had meaningful titles that used Mod Podge to glue them down to the canvas. Make sure to put a layer on the canvas and then go over the papers as well. Push out the bubbles that form as soon as possible so they don’t stick there.

While that was drying, I used my Silhouette Cameo software to cut out the words that I wanted to put on my canvas in different fonts. I grabbed one sheet of cardstock in an offbeat color that I don’t use often (hot pink) and let it go to work cutting things out.

Next, it was time to place down the letters and used my stipple brush to paint around the letters. Thankfully the Mod Podge had a little bit of tack left at this point and the letters stayed down pretty well and I just held them down with my fingers as needed.

After covering the entire canvas with paint, I pulled up the letters and waited impatiently for the drying. Thankfully it was a thin coat of acrylic paint so it went fast. The letters blended in a bit to the background so I grabbed a Bic Mark It and started drawing the lines to outline the letters. So much better!

Excuse the tilted photo, but I am in love with the canvas and it was done in less than two hours as I was watching tv one night. Definitely thinking of making some smaller ones for various places in our home or for gifts as it was very simple and easy to do.

Have you seen something on Pinterest lately that you are inspired by? Link it up in the comments or tell me what you have created based on Pinspiration! I would love to see them!

4 thoughts on “Are you Pinspired?”

  1. I love this! Goof for you in being pinspired. I’m pinspired on a daily basis and yet I never do anything with all the fun DIY crafts I find. I think we need to change that! You might have inspired me to do so. 😉


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