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Welcome Home! {CPS250 Challenge|

A few months back, a dear friend, sent me this digi image of a cottage and it scared me to dickens. I told her, I can’t color that. It’s too much for me and too many details. So there I just let it sit in my Digi Stamp folder taking up a few KB on my computer {no one else does that do they?}.

Well come to this past week, I printed it out and was going to challenge myself at least. If it ended up in the trash then so be it. I got out my Copics (and I used a TON of them) and started playing. I knew I didn’t have the perfect colors for this that would inspire me to create but once I got down to it I was flying. I remembered the technique when I go to the cobblestone of touching a lighter marker to a darker one and picking up some of the darker color and blending and let me tell you it ROCKED. I watched a video awhile back and it stuck with me! {I tried to find it but after 20 minutes of searching my history, it was no luck.}

Once I had colored the image and chose some of the papers that I wanted to play with I found the CPS250 would work great for this card.

I made a few changes based on the larger image and what it needed as well as adding the extra sentiment area and embellishments in the bottom corner.

I hope you like it and will come join me over at Card Positioning Systems for this weeks challenge!

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