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Tim Holtz Alterations Update

Over the past week, we have sent out two emails about the Texture Fades. This is the information that we have sent.

“As some of you already know, the embossing folders have finally started arriving! We have received four of the styles so far, and are preparing the first shipment right now to go out tonight or tomorrow, but we need some feedback from you, our customers first.

The embossing folders are packaged in a very long 15″ x 6″ blister pack. Due to the odd length, we do not have packaging for them and will have to special order some boxes that fit them. Since these were new products, no one had any idea how they would be packaged.

Some customers have volunteered to allow us to cut the package in half in order to not have to wait. If you are ok with this, please respond to this e-mail to confirm your acceptance of this.”


“As you know from the message below, we did get in 4 of the embossing folders (Bingo and Patchwork, Damask and Regal, Burlap and Swirls, and Checkerboard and Cracked). We have pulled all of the embossing folders based on orders placed just like we did the first time around.

Many of you ordered all of the embossing folders or some of the ones that haven’t shipped to us yet so that is why you haven’t received a notice of a package being mailed. Because of the estimated shipment we billed on, we will have to hold the items until the remaining shipment of embossing folders come in. We have ordered everything we need to fill your orders and as soon as the next set come in, they will be out to you STAT!

Remember, if you have not replied to the previous email about cutting the folders in half for shipment, please do so that we can mark you off our list. That is what is holding up shipping out some of the folders that complete shipments.

As always, if you have ANY questions at all, please feel free to email me!”

Just to update you further, Sizzix is now taking names and numbers and not returning calls on updates of dies. It’s frustrating and I am sure they are tired of getting the same questions day in and day out. We have two dies show up this week out of the MANY we still have on order. Girls, I know this is frustrating on your end as well and I truly appreciate all the sweet comments that have been said and sent to me. It’s hard as a new store owner to be caught in the middle and I truly thank you all for your support in our business! 🙂

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