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Glimmer Mist Grab Bag Sale

The sale that is available on our Glimmer Mist ends tomorrow, May 25th at 12:00 p.m.! Get yours before they are gone! We only have about 10 more sets left! You can see the YouTube video below for more info. We will also draw for the $15 LTC credit winner later this week once all packages have gone out. Remember, the credit will not include shipping but can be applied toward your order like a coupon.

Also, we have had numerous questions about our Glimmer Mist Girls Club. The information on this club can be found by clicking here. We are about half-way through the year of Glimmer Mist and there are still spots to join. This is a subscription club and you will be automatically charged through PayPal each month. If you would rather be charged through Google Checkout, please send me an email to and I can work that out for you. The membership not only entitles you to a box of 5 Brand New Glimmer Mist shipped to you each month but also a 10% discount to use at Live.Teach.Create all of the time when you ship your order with your GMG. We refund any excess shipping so you can save even more!

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