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Thematic Interactive Word Books

Boo Word Book Thematic Interactive Learning ToolI’m crazy excited to share my newest product series with you – Thematic Interactive Word Books! The first one – “Boo” – is just in time for Halloween next week.

In the classroom we’re always looking for new ways to engage our students. One way that you can engage students is doing small projects that are different from the norm. Using Word Books in the classroom to implement a new concept or review a skill is perfect for that. These books work for any subject – not just math.

Ideas for other subject areas include:
– Onomatopoeia and sound devices
– Thematic research project, such as the history of Halloween or ghosts
– Book reports
– Acrostic poems
– and much more!

Boo Word Book – Thematic Interactive Learning ToolIncluded in this pack are:
– BOO Word Book files in PNG format, vectored format (for cutting on digital cutting machines) and in PDF format
– BOO Interactive Word Book Sample and guidelines
– BOO Interactive Word Book Flippables (pre-created math ones that I used as well as horizontal and vertical blank ones to be used in your classroom)
– Editable Flippables to easily create your own flippables for your content area

Grab the pack now and use it this week so you don’t lose any valuable teaching time to Halloween – the kids will have so much fun with this concept that they wont realize they’re learning!

Boo Word Book – Thematic Interactive Learning Tool

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