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Math in Real Life – The Cost of Comfort (and a FREEBIE)

It’s the first Wednesday of February which means it’s time for our monthly linky – Math In Real Life!! If you want to see how the linky works, or just want other real world math ideas, check out our Pinterest Board of all the posts so that you can look back and find some great ideas and REAL pictures to use in your classroom!

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What is comfort something that comforts you? For me it has always been a nice warm cup of coffee. When I first started drinking at Starbucks (and similar coffee shops) about 14 years ago it was definitely a treat. I was in college and had NOTHING extra to spend so that was a treat for myself. I really did budget it in so that I could enjoy it and it totally made a difference in my day as it was an experience and not just a cup of coffee to me.

Math in Real Life this month comes with budgeting for a coffee treat and includes a FREEBIE for you to use in your classroom today!

Over the years my tastes have changed and I definitely drink a LOT healthier now but it is still something I budget into my life. My drink of choice lately has been a Tall Skinny Flavored Latte with Soy Milk, no whip with foam. It’s a mouthful! Typically depending on where I am at I spend right around $4.30 for my drink with tip.

So how does this comforting cup of coffee at times apply to Math in Real Life? Well, I was going way too much in some times of last year but I’ve backed off and I’m down to about once a week. Knowing how much my typical drink is allows me to know how much to budget each month for a once a week (or more) treat.

Math in Real Life this month comes with budgeting for a coffee treat and includes a FREEBIE for you to use in your classroom today!

And because I know that my students were always enamored by coffee as well, I have created a fun budgeting and problem solving FREEBIE just for you! Not only will this have students determining three choices that are within their budget but they also have a journaling portion where they will communicate their mathematical processing skills which is beyond crucial!


Don’t forget to check out the other MIRL posts below! Check back over the next few days – more will be added!!

P.S. If you are interested in the AWESOME coffee sleeve that I have on my cup, check out Miss Squirrels Etsy shop where she has some awesome selections! Let her know I sent you!

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