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Texas Students Can Too!

I don’t know about you but in every school I have taught in it has been required to show the daily objectives in my classroom. Let me tell you, after writing them each and every day you get quite a hand cramp, even when you teach in middle school and have 4 preps.

7th Grade Math I Can Statement

Last year I decided that since so many other teachers were creating “I Can” Statements for the new Common Core State Standards, that I needed my own versions for the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for my 7th and 8th graders. Well, since I also taught Resource Math, I started needing some I Can Statements from 4th-6th grades as well.

3rd Grade ELA I Can Preview

They are all set up 2 per page and in a black and white format to 1. Save on ink and 2. Allow you to customize to coordinate with your classroom (or per subject) with just a different color of cardstock.


Well, if I was going to type them up for my class I might as well offer them to all my friends as well who teach in the great state of Texas! Now that I have a had a few moments this summer I have finished creating the TEKS I Can Statements for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade for ALL 4 Core Subjects (Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies) as well as 6th-8th for Math and ELA.

Site License Logo

After a request, I have also added in Site Licenses for schools who are interested in having all of their teachers in a grade level use them. It’s also a great way to score a grade level set if you and some friends want to get in on them together. These Site Licenses allow for 2-5 teachers to receive the entire grade level of TEKS I Can Statements for only $30.

And…. because I love my Texas Teacher Friends SO much… leave a comment on this blog post with what grade and subject(s) you teach in Texas. On Sunday, June 28th at NOON Central I will randomly choose ONE WINNER to receive a set of their own for FREE! 🙂 (CLOSED!)


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