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Getting Ready to start 2013- July INB Linky Party

INB Linky for You and Me

So many of us are starting to get ready for the much anticipated Back To School 2013 season and what is better than a Linky Party to help share things that you have planned for your upcoming year in your Interactive Notebooks.

Please feel free to share any NEW blog posts, pictures, or videos that you have created in the past month so that other teachers can be inspired as well! Also, remember that we all love COMMENTS so if you see something posted that you check out and like, leave a comment on the blog post! Please nothing older than June 2013 as this is a monthly linky party.

INB Starter Pack

Also, if you share about the Linky Party on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and leave a link in the comments below, I will pick a winner on August 2nd (end of the Linky) to win my Interactive Notebook Starter Pack for FREE!

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