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Test Time… Here we go!

Testing time has come once again and my 7th Graders will be taking their 2 Day STAAR Writing test on Tuesday and Wednesday while my 8th Graders will be taking STAAR Math on Tuesday and STAAR Reading on Wednesday.

I don’t know about you, but for my classes it is always so hard to engage them after days of testing so this week we are reviewing some skills with various Solve and Snips.

I have created a ticket for each of my students that has the top 5 sections of the last benchmark that they were lowest in. I have copies of all of the various Solve and Snips for them and once they complete one of them (they can choose their order), they are able to check it off, and if they score an 80% or higher, they can turn it in and move on to their next one.

I am letting them work in partners on their assignments as long as both members are working on the SAME Solve and Snip and both students show their work. I don’t just want them to solve the problem but I want them to understand what they are doing as they work through them.

In preparing for this week, I was able to create three more Solve and Snips to add to my rotation. Since I have students on various levels in my Resource Math classes, we have several different grade level goals we are covering as well as need refreshers on to be successful on the grade level STAAR test.



Metric Measurements Solve and Snip has students converting various metric measurements for grams, liters and meters to kilograms, millimeters, centimeters and more! There are also two problems at the end that require students to work multiple steps to find an answer.



Unit Rates Solve and Snip has the students determining the Unit Rate of a given real-world situation. I absolutely LOVED creating this Solve and Snip and made the problems practical with things that we apply to our lives each day (feeding dog food, drinking coffee, temperature, etc.)



Fraction Operations Solve and Snip is a great review for 6th and 7th graders when they are expected to have mastered using all four operations with fractional numbers. Let me tell you, it amazed me to see how low students were starting adding and subtracting fractions {4th grade or CCSS and 5th for TEKS} because I have been in 7th and 8th for the past 4 years and my students still struggle.

I sure hope that these can help you as well. Don’t forget that you can feel free to request Solve and Snips to go along with any specific standard or math topic. I have added the link to my header as well as linked it in this post. All of these three Solve and Snips were requests, that I happened to find useful as well, and the teacher that requested them got them for FREE! I know we all LOVE FREE!

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