Doggie Crack… That’s where it’s at!

A few weeks back Miss Math Dork shared a recipe with me for dog biscuits that her precious Mr. Dee had received for Valentine’s Day. I was up for trying it out and took some time to grab the ingredients that I didn’t have on hand at the store the week.


I will tell you, the first time I made them was a learning experience. I learned the tricks of the trade and adapted them for the future times that I have made Doggie Crack for my girls. {Yep, that’s what I call it!}

I have now made these for the girls several times and they are SO EASY! Now I wouldn’t share something like this without providing the recipe of course. I of course had to take some time and make it all cute.

Doggie Crack Recipe


Simply click on the recipe picture and you will be able to download it from Google Docs in PDF format for FREE.

Now, you can see two different kinds in the photo above. These were from my latest batch that I actually had leftover dough from the first time I made them. I can attest that the dough is fine to stay in the refrigerator for two weeks in a sealed baggie. I had the different colors in their own bag. I haven’t tried freezing but that’s next!

I always add food coloring to mine to make them look at bit cuter. The colors above are the Green and Purple from the McCormick pack of Neons and each took about 12 drops to get that color. Also, for the Purple Doggie Crack I decided to add in some Peanut Butter. I mixed in 3 Tbsp. of Peanut Butter with all the other wet ingredients and this is by far the family favorite!


Maddy {our miniature dachshund} can’t stand seeing the cookie and knowing that she would do anything to taste some Doggie Crack!



Sookie {our full-size (plus some) Piebald Dachshund} will just look at you with those sad eyes and just BEG for more Doggie Crack!

Well, I’m off to make this week’s batch. I plan to try freezing soon and will come back and update this post so that you will know how that worked out.

I would love to see or hear if you make them! Please let me know of any other items that you might add so I can use them in my next batch!

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