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Tags, Tags, Tags!

Now that I have been teaching at Faithful Scrapper in Kaufman, TX on a very regular basis and have been able to get to know MANY of the lovely ladies that are in the area, I feel I can call them friends.

I made a tag for the store owner awhile back as a Thank You for allowing me to teach there. She hung it up on her board and so many of the regulars are now BEGGING for a tag class!

So, I have been busy working on this tag and I think that they will really like making these and then making more for other gifts. I personally use a lot of my not-so-bulky tags for bookmarks and love all the fibers coming out of my book. Makes me smile when I open my book and see it.

Below is the link of where I get my tags. This is where we have gotten them for MONTHS and love this company.

Happy Tag Making! 🙂

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