Using Tumbling Towers to Review Math

At the beginning of every school year, it is important to find time to review with your students. This time is not only crucial to see where they are on their math skills but also to observe how each of them works together in a small group setting. Using games, such as Tumbling Towers, in … Read more

5 Different Ways to Use Solve and Snips

5 Ways to Use Solve and Snips

When I began teaching Middle School math, I became apparently aware that my students detested working with word problems. It didn’t matter if I worked them with them, I asked them to show their strategies, or even let them work with partners or in groups… they HATED them. But I didn’t know why. I had … Read more

Order of Operations… OH MY! | TEKS 5.4e | TEKS 6.7a

Teaching Order of Operations

Every year it seems as if working on Order of Operations is a brand new concept for my students, as if it has all of a sudden become a foreign language. I will admit that if you are just looking at a mnemonic device it might as well be a foreign language.. PEMDAS, BEDMAS, GEMS, … Read more

Grading and Math Workshop… How Does it Work?

Grading Math Workshop

So many of you have messaged me about the struggle when it comes to grading your students work in Math Workshop and how either you HAVE to grade it for students to actually take action or you need to grade it to make sure that they are understanding what is going on. First, I want to remind … Read more

7 Reasons to Use Math Workshop in Middle School

Math Workshop in Middle School

As challenging as it must be to incorporate our mathematical standards in each year, it is just as challenging to meet the needs of a classroom full of learners. The goal is clear each year, we must teach the standards and show growth but the pathway to get from Point A to Point B is … Read more

Frustrated With Teaching Fractions & Need Fraction Activities?

Teaching Fractions with Fraction Games Mega Pack

Without a doubt the number one struggle I hear when I talk to teachers is that teaching fractions is a pain. Not that the teachers don’t understand them or know how to teach them but they are such a struggle of a concept for students to understand. And the fact that there are so many … Read more

Differentiating Small Groups for Guided Math

Differentiating Small Groups

For me, Guided Math wasn’t a specific station but rather I pulled from the stations to work with a separate group. This allowed me to constantly differentiate my Guided Math Groups without changing my Math Workshop Rotation Board. I’m all about working smarter and not harder and this truly helped. The tip for this is to pull … Read more

Planning for Small Groups (Guided Math) as Part of Math Workshop

Planning Small Groups

Now that you know that Math Workshop is a crucial part of your math instruction, I’m here to tell you that Small Groups (also known as Guided Math) are just as important. There are so many components of Small Group instruction that are mirrored in your Math Workshop groups. Planning For Small Groups has Six … Read more

Setting Up Your Small Groups for Math Workshop

Setting Up Small Groups

Setting up your small groups for math workshop involves a little bit of work. While there is no right or wrong way to group your students for small groups (also known as Guided Math), below is what I have done based on research and personal use in my classroom over the course of several years … Read more

Managing Students Work while Working with a Small Group

Managing Students While in Small Groups

One of the biggest struggles I hear from teachers is managing students while they are working with small groups. How can I make sure that they are on task when I am working with others? For the most part this comes back to setting up those clear rules and expectations in the beginning when you … Read more