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Streaming Creativity

Many of you know that my main duties in life are to teach 80 13-15 year olds Pre-Algebra. Well as we draw nearer to Spring, our state testing is coming closer and closer (April 4th to be exact). This means that I not only have 10 more school days (one week is Spring Break… THANK GOODNESS!) to get them ready, but it also means that my stress level right now is through the roof.

During this time I get so creatively drained it’s not funny. I can’t think straight much less cut a picture or paper straight. So to save you from watching me look like a clueless fool, I have decided to put UStream on halt until the first round of testing is over. In 8th grade, they get three tries to pass because they can’t move on to 9th grade if they don’t.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I might not occasionally do an impromptu stream but I won’t have scheduled ones. I am having a hard enough time staying awake on some nights that scheduling it in is more of a nightmare right now.

I’m sorry if this ruins some Friday/Saturday nights for you but I need to allow myself this little break. I will still be here on my blog and hopefully crafting again soon to show you some new projects.

BTW, have you Google Connected yet in the right column? If not, please do so I can see my friends on here! 🙂

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