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Solve and Snips by Request


You asked for it, it’s now here! You can fill out the form and request a Solve and Snip for any topic and any grade level! Better yet, when I create your chosen Solve and Snip, since you are the one who requested it… YOU GET IT FREE!

Solve and Snip Interactive Math Word Problems

What are Solve and Snips? Solve and Snips are interactive learning activities to reinforce math skills through word problems. All of the answers are provided but students must show their work and figure out which answer must be put in each box. How cool is that?

Want to see all the Solve and Snips currently available? Check out the Solve and Snip section in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Feel free to fill out the survey as often as you like as it will continue to help me out on which one to create next!


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