Flippable Fun with Multi-Step Equations

Well, if you have been here awhile you know I am a HUGE FAN of interactive notebooks. They are truly a lifesaver when your district doesn’t have textbooks! Heck, even if we had textbooks, I would probably still use them.

I’m constantly working on new ways for my student’s to take their notes, work some examples, etc. that is different than just “copying” down what I do. While doing a 1-on-1 session with a student on Multi-Step Equations, I took pictures through the process of a Flippable using my Flippable Template Pack available in my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook shops.



In the Flippable Template Pack, all items come in two forms.

There is a PDF containing each and every flippable template that you can just simply print and use in class. The instructions on each flippable are already there and the same (cut on the dashed lines and fold on the solid) for consistency throughout.

There is also an editable Power Point version of each flippable. The lines, directions and my copyright are saved as a JPG and put into a Power Point file so that you can easily add text boxes and clip art as you wish.

You can see above that I added some text boxes for the steps in Multi-Step Equations and printed it out. You might have to play with your print settings and select for it to stretch to fit the entire page rather than shrinking. I know my printer settings make a difference.


Next step, cut along those dashed lines an fold on the solid lines. My students are so trained that when they see a flippable at the table when they come in (when I was in brick and mortar) they did this as part of their bell work to be ready for the day. Now that I am virtual, this goes out to my students before the lesson and they know to have it prepared ahead of time.



I put this next step in because it allows my students a few minutes to take ownership of their notes. DECORATE as you wish! 🙂



Before we begin, I make sure that they draw that important line between any part on the flippable that we don’t want mixed together.



I always prepare mine ahead of time for the basic information that I know I want them to have without working out examples or giving definitions. This allows the students to see where the lesson is going ahead of time and give me a flow for the lesson as well. I know how much I want to get in and don’t forget the important parts.

Now, I will say that when I had multiple classes of the same, I was notorious for doing one of them and then using the one I created in 1st period and covering the spots with torn Post-It notes to cover what I had already written. It was kind of like I was Vanna and uncovering what was being taught. It also worked really well for my very antsy classes that needed me walking around the entire time. I could appoint a kiddo to be Vanna for the day and teach all around the room and monitor as needed.



And finally, you have a finished flippable with all the pertinent information to use for notes, practice and more!

If you are interested in any of my pre-made flippables for Interactive Notebooks, please check out my Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook store for the full variety.  Also, I have added the tag cloud to the right so that you can look for all posts that have been tagged for Interactive Notebook material (INB) as well as flippables.

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