Soaring through Secondary Blog Hop

Soaring Through Secondary Blog Hop

Welcome to the FIRSTSoaring through Secondary” blog hop hosted by Jennifer Lamb of Teaching High School Math (blog) and her Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Today I wanted to share with you some of the amazing things that I have done with my 7th and 8th grade Resource Math classes. These students have progressed so much over the past year it’s amazing and my SpEd cohort tells me that on a daily basis since she taught the 8th graders last year.

I was leery whether or not they would be able to keep up with Interactive Notebooks this year but they continue to amaze me and they treat their notebooks like they are the Holy Grail!

We have gotten into a rhythm where they come in, pick up the materials from the front table that are needed for the day, complete their bell ringer and begin preparing their items for their Interactive Notebook lesson. Within 10 minutes we are ready to go!

The lessons I do with them are interactive and engaging and allow them to move around as I know it works best for them. They also do short ten question practice sheets (similar to my Common Core Homework) once a week so I can assess their mastery of the skills they are learning.

They love workstation days as well where they are able to play various games that I have created just for them! Heck, I have one student who gave up art to be my student aide so she could help me prepare the weekly work stations! She has the laminating, cutting and prepping down!

I decided it might be best to also show you a video of what we have accomplished thus far in the year. We are a unit past this now but mine is no where near complete since I’ve been on medical leave. I hope you enjoy!

And to perk things up before you jump over to the next blog, enjoy a freebie to remind your students to SOAR! Head in over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and download for free! I’d love your feedback on the item as well since I LOVE making cute stuff and want to continue.


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  1. Really love the concept of the interactive notebook…trying to think about how I can incorporate it into my Geometry an Calculus classes. It must be the scrapbooker in me 😉


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