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So Powerful…

Last week I was asked to contribute to the Reverb 11 project that the lovely Megan Collier is doing. I provided the following prompt…

5 on 5:

1. What are 5 things you have done for yourself in 2011?
2. What are 5 things you have done for others in 2011?
3. What are 5 things that held you back from doing things for others?
4. What are 5 things that you want to do for yourself in 2012?
5. What are 5 things you want to do for others in 2012?

When I was thinking about what to write and Megan gave me this date, over time this literally popped into my head and evolved to be what you see above. I really wanted to have something that would make someone think about what they were writing and based on the comments and posts on Twitter, it truly has. I am filled emotionally.

I try to keep a lot of my personal life out of blog land because it is just that, personal. I do feel so full of emotional memories when I read through these and think as I know that this last year has been an up and down one for me. I started the year wanting to work on SIMPLIFYING my life so much that I chose that as my One Little Word. Little did I know what the year would have to hold for me.

What did I do for myself in 2011?
1. Bought a new homestead with the hubby.
2. Moved further out into East Texas to live the dream of being on a ranch in East Texas with my loving husband.
3. Added new furbabies to the family (Sookie, Bill, April and Jake all added this year).
4. Closed the online store for the sanity of myself an my marriage.
5. Started creating once again and opened my Etsy shop for others.

What did I do for others in 2011?
1. Taught many ladies how to scrapbook for the first time in my beginners classes
2. Began teaching GED Math and Transitional Prep at the Community College
3. Kept up with my blog, emails, Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with others
4. Used my creativity to help others who are not so creative 😉
5. Loved each one of my students endlessly

What has held me back in 2011?
1. Time
2. Money
3. Patience
4. Pride
5. Anger

Things I plan to do for myself in 2012:
1. I want to have my soul cleansed and start fresh. I have felt very “full” and need to start with a clean slate.
2. I want to be out of the RV and at least into some kind of building even if it isn’t a house persay.
3. I want to take time for myself on a regular monthly basis to be creative with girlfriends.
4. I want to start going back to a church where I feel welcome and not just a member of the masses. I don’t want to fake it. I want to feel it!
5. I want to deepen my relationship with my husband as we continue to work on becoming a better husband/wife team as we lead into becoming parents (not pregnant yet).

What do I plan to do for others in 2012?
1. I want to be able to donate something quarterly.
2. I want to work more with those in my community and share my love of creating with them as a form of therapy. It has helped me through some trying times and I think it can do the same for others.
3. I want to continue teaching adults who need my help in the area of math. I do feel that I am being directed to do that more as well as work with other levels of education.
4. I want to work with my husband and his friend to get their business of the ground.
5. I want to be better friends with my husband’s friend’s wife. She is great! 🙂

As you can see, I had a lot on my mind on how to answer this and many of my answers could have gone into a novel but I spared you I truly appreciate all that I have read yesterday and today about your 5 on 5 and would love to be linked to any of your creations from your responses.

Thank you so much for humbling me during this season.

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