Small Interruption…

So those of you who follow, I apologize for not having posts this week. We got home from our trip Monday and our dachshund was starting to have mild contractions. After about three hours we took her into the vet and they stated her cervix was open but the puppies weren’t ready so we took her home.

This morning the vet called and was concerned because there had been no progress. We took Sookie back in and were told that although her cervix was fully open, there was still no progress. We were given our options and told the vet Sookie was our number one concern. We had to make the decision to turn it into a spay of a pregnant dog instead of a C-Section because it was what was best for her.  Many, many tears were shed as I felt horrible for Sookie going through this and having nothing to show for by but then I remembered at least she would still be here with us. We left her there with heavy hearts.

A few hours later, we got a call from the vet’s office stating that all three puppies were viable and that we needed to get there fast as Sookie wasn’t producing milk and we needed to bottle-feed them. We grabbed the necessary supplies and went to the office and picked up the three puppies (2 male, 1 female) and Sookie.

We are now back home and have survived our first feeding with the puppies. Since I am blogging from my iPhone, I can’t post pics here but I have posted many on Twitter and Instagram where you can find me as LiveTeachCreate.

5 thoughts on “Small Interruption…”

  1. I have loved all your updates on Twitter and am SOOOOOO thrilled that this was the outcome! BTW, I told hubster all about this and showed him the picts and he totally wants one – LOL!

  2. If I could I would totally jump on a plane and nanny your pups. 🙂 I know how this has been for you and I am so very happy this is the outcome, hun. 🙂 *hugs*

  3. Oh Jennifer. I’m sitting here with tears. I get updates whenever you add a video to YouTube and this is the first time I’ve had the chance to follow the link, so also the first to hear of Sookie and her puppies.

    I watched the video where you introduced Patches and Aretha, went back to my inbox where I had not caught the note that announced Patches’ passing.

    I know from previous experience how difficult it is to watch little ones not make it. My heart and thoughts with you all and I’m putting out a lot of positive thoughts for Miss Aretha to grow up along side of her mother.

    I shall try to stay-tuned for future installments 🙂

    Happy Easter to you and yours!


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