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OLW- March Wrap-Up

Wow, where has this month gone? March flew by without me truly realizing it. As I continue to let the word “open” guide me, I have noticed quite a few things this month.

– My heart was opened when we began to foster our chocolate lab Jake’s mom for a student of mine. She was pregnant and blessed us with three gorgeous CKC pups on March 18th. They will be ready for new homes in late April/early May.

– My mind has been opened to reading new (and more) books. We have been without cable and internet at home for four months and it’s been great.

-I have opened my heart and mind to listen to my body and what it needs. I have had to say “NO” to some things but also allowed myself to take time to focus on ME for at least the next month. When I stress, my body holds it in and the pain in my lower back is horrible. Hubs and I will continue my BBT and taking Clomid but also need to allow nature to take it’s course.

– I am opening our home beginning in May to share our space wih a friend of ours. We have no set plan for this but I am excited to have her back in Texas instead of Maine.

– And last is being open to change. I have decided to have a bit of structure on the blog. I already share Self Portrait 2012 updates near the end of the month and OLW wrap-ups on the first, but I thought to help myself I would set a schedule with specific types of posts. Now I still want flexibility so I am only setting this for 3 days a week.

Mon- Weekend Wrap-Up {Photo Dump}
Wed- Start to Finish
Fri- Feature Friday

I am going to commit for a month and see how it goes. You will also not see posts on Sunday’s unless it is OLW or Self Portrait 2012. I am taking this day as a blog break each week.

So how is your OLW 2012 holding up? How has your life changed because of your word?

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