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Have you ever REALLY wanted to go to a SkypeWorkshopsworkshop but with the commitments at school, especially as a new year starts, and the dreadful time it takes to write a plan for a substitute it’s just not in the cards?

I get emails on a regular basis asking when I am going to be in various areas of the states for workshops and as much I would love to be all over my schedule doesn’t always allow it either. What my schedule does allow is private or small group Skype Workshops! You heard it right! You can get your VERY OWN professional development workshop from the comfort of your own home and pajamas! No judgment here!

Interactive WorkshopsMy workshops page is filled with the types of workshops I offer (interactive notebooks, differentiation, problem solving, etc.) as well as creating a custom workshop just for you! I offer them in TWO HOUR time increments and those two hours can be split into two sessions. Nights and weekends are available at the same rate that fits right with a teacher’s budget!

Want an even sweeter deal? Purchase and sign up by October 8th for a workshop (doesn’t have to be scheduled yet) and you can save 20% off the regular price of $75 and snatch it up for only $60!

If you have a small group of teachers (less than 20) that are interested in doing a Skype Workshop of up to four hours that can be arranged as well! Small Group Workshops start at $250 for a 2 hour workshop and for a full four hour workshop they are $450. But again, you can save 20% off the regular price of that through October 8th and get a two hour workshop for $200 and a four hour workshop for $350!

And if that wasn’t enough, if you have ALREADY purchased the digital Interactive Notebook for a full year (ANY GRADE LEVEL) you can get an EXTRA savings of $10 off the purchase price of a Skype Workshop! Simply email me ahead of time and I will send the coupon code your way!

And now, because I’m going crazy, if you purchase any workshop you will receive a coupon code to my blog store for $10 off any product! This is a perfect time to snatch up a Spiral Bound Copy of the Interactive Notebook or Flippable Template Pack so you can have it in your hands at all times!

Ready to sign up? Click on over to blog store and grab a workshop today!

Work on your professional development in differential curriculum or interactive notebooks without even leaving the comfort of your own home! Here's all the info on how you can attend continuing education workshops for educators online!

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