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Shipping Update!

So I have an order coming in from my vendor as well as Tattered Angels. They are both expected to arrive tomorrow! WOOT! This is a great thing for so many of you because there are so many orders in on these two boxes.

All of this is great except, Live.Teach.Create is closed from January 15th-January 18th. As many of you know my husband and I got snowed in Oklahoma over Christmas while trying to make the trek to Nebraska to see family. We are flying out at o-dark:30 in the morning and will be back late Monday. I will get the packages on Tuesday and be mailing them on in Wednesday’s shipments.

I am so sorry for it taking so long for these packages to come this time. Both of these companies had extended closing times for the holidays and were trying to get caught up with holiday orders and all.

So I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Don’t forget to sign up for Glimmer Mist Girls Club! 🙂 January 20th is your last day to sign up!

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