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Shimelle’s Scrapbooking Weekend

I am busily working on trying to do all of Shimelle’s challenges this weekend over on her blog. I worked last night and this morning to get the first challenge finished and thought I would share that with you.

I love how this layout came together although it took me quite some time. The composition is great but it is totally outside of my comfort zone because it’s not linear and in lines and what not. I used the inspiration piece and grabbed the pink background with neutral central paper and circle embellishments clustered all over.

Lots of details along with a story that I hadn’t even thought to tell about my wedding day.

I also created a little video the other day and thought I would share that with you. I am sorry that it cuts off at the end but I got a text and apparently that cuts off the video recording on the app that I Use. Gotta figure that out!

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