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Quick Snips- Easy Basic Skills Mastery

Last week in the midst of proctoring state testing, I came up with an idea to help monitor basic skills for my students. I couldn’t wait to get home and have time to hash it out so that I could see how it would all work.

Knowing that my students (and many others around the world) love the Solve and Snips series that I have created, I wanted it to be similar. I wanted something that was self-checking so the students to monitor their success as they went along as well as something that wouldn’t take forever and a day to complete.

With all of this in mind I started drafting my first set of Quick Snips. Quick Snips are just that… a quick assessment that allows students to work interactively with an assignment and monitor their progress as they go  because the answers are provided and they have to find where they fit in.



Currently I am testing out the first set of Quick Snips that covers Addition with Decimals. Each set will contain 5 different Quick Snips covering the same skill the requires computation. These are so easy to give a student independently to let them show their skills on basic computation.



Students simply snip off the bottom part containing the answers.


Then cut each of the answers apart so they are available.


Then it’s time to solve! Grab that whiteboard that all students love to work on, let them show their work and match the answers to each question.


Once they have solved each problem they can then glue them down to turn in to you. I am so happy to be using these in my Resource Math classes so that my students can quickly practice their computation skills and easily know by checking their work how well they did and give themselves a grade. They are already asking me to finish the other decimal operations so they can show what they know!

What skills do your students need practice in computation on? Leave a comment and if/when I create that Quick Snip, you will get it for FREE!


Ready to grab the Quick Snips for Addition with Decimals to try out in your own classroom? Check them out today in my Teachers Pay Teachers store for only $1.50!

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