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Five for Friday for 4/12/13

Five For Friday

Wow, what a week. So exhausting so this shall be short so I can get on with Pizza & Pajamas tonight!


1. Missing the hubby as he has been working security for NASCAR this week. Can’t wait for him to be home Sunday!


2. Got some yummy goodies from my bestie’s trip to Hawaii and I’ve tried to get Nikki (friend staying with us) to eat as much as she wants so I won’t put on the 4.8 lbs I lost last week.


3. Maddy helped me do some cleaning while hubs is away and the temporarily empty Ikea shelf was her jungle gym.


4. Crazy busy week but color makes me happy! I choose a new color each day to mark things off that get done.


5. Blogged about the latest interactive creation and am so excited to get to work on more this weekend!

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