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Puppy Pictures

For a change of pace today, I wanted to leave you with some puppy pictures. The brown and white puppy is Sookie and the “Blue” and white puppy is Bill. Can you tell we are loving True Blood?

They are 9 weeks old today and are born from a registered dachshund father. We still haven’t seen a picture of the mother to tell how big they could get. The both have their father’s body except Bill is a bit fatter. Sookie was so quiet and reserved when we met her but now that they have been here for a few days, she is showing her personality.

Both are doing GREAT on the crate-training front as in 48 hours, neither have gone in the kennel. Both are also responding to their names and doing great.

For those who don’t know, we lost our baby Maggie on Sunday.

So now, they are ready to join us on the Ranch! 🙂

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