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Climbing up from the depths…

I feel that today I am finally climbing up from the depths of the land of BUSY! In the last month I took on a huge project at school and as of today can finally say that I am done! We took our TAKS Math Retest today and I am now hoping (and praying) that at least half of them passed. My class percent currently sits at 81% passed and they know that the goal was set for 85% passing. When they reach the goal, they then get to throw a pie in my face. Pictures will definitely be taken.

Now that I am able to take that off of my shoulders, school is winding down and I can say I’m already doing the happy dance.

I want to think my guest bloggers who have been able to step in lately and help out around here. I have another guest blogger for you next week as well that I really think you will like.

Now, don’t think I haven’t been planning some things while I have been away, because you would be wrong. I have many things that are upcoming and I truly hope that you enjoy them.

Summer brings a new life to Live.Teach.Create and my family. We are moving in about two weeks and we are SO excited! 🙂

So, what’s new with you? What have you been up to while I was away? Have you created anything you care to share?

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