Place Value Flippable Gets a Revamp!

Place Value Flippable

Last September I created my Place Value Flippable and was so excited to use it in class as were my students. They loved to demonstrate mastery not only of Place Value but also it was a great time filler whenever we had those 3-5 minutes in class left to spare.

Typically I would give out a number, such as 473.14 and then they would be asked to make a number great than that number. They would double check their neighbors answer to make sure they were correct and then the student with the largest number (or sometimes the closest number) would get to choose the next number.

Well, I decided this needed a revamp since I am a Font Lover and wanted to make some tweaks to make it easier to use in the classroom. I have also added a picture for you to reference as well when you use it in the classroom.

Feel free to click on the picture below to be taken to my Teachers Pay Teachers shop to pick this up for you and your students today! 🙂

Place Value Flippable (Millions through Thousandths)

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