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supersale In honor of today’s SUPER SALE in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I added two new products last night! First up, a new set of Camping Inspired Technical Reading Strategies for Problem Solving (to go along with the Super Hero and Owl themed already available) and a new Area Solve and Snip by request. Area_SolveandSnip And to let you know, the remaining two sections of the 6th Grade Common Core Practice Sheets will be out this week! I am simply waiting on my proofreaders to finish them up and get them back to me to make sure they are perfect for you! 6thGradeCC_G_Homework   6thGradeCC_SP_Homework And to help me out a bit more, I would love for you to take a moment and fill out this simple survey for what Solve and Snips that you would like to see coming up. I have so many planned and ready to start working on but I truly want to make sure I am creating the ones that my fellow teachers want to see. You will see that there is a blank for your email… if I create the Solve and Snip that you suggest, YOU GET IT FOR FREE!


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