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Coordinate Pairs Flippables (Yes, Flippables!)

Yesterday a co-worker was needing something to do with her 5th graders for Coordinate Graphing so I sent my Groundhog Graphing Unit over to her which she (and her kids) fell in love with!

Since I wanted them to also have the ability to have a resource for notes, she worked with them to create the Coordinate Pairs Flippable.


The inside gives the title and the “I Can” statement of what it helps the student be able to do when they have finished.


The inside labels each part of the coordinate plane and gives them some tips on how to remember things. Such an organized and interactive way to keep track!

Well, since my students had just finished their work on Coordinate Planes, we went ahead and made our resource during Modified Instruction this week so we could add it to our Interactive Notebooks. I love how they turned out!


Super simple on the outside but just wait….


I LOVE how this turned out and it is such a great resource for students to keep looking back to in their Interactive Notebook.

As you can see we used a lot of color on this one to help distinguish certain areas and it really makes it that much better when you do this.

If you are looking for other activities for Ordered Pairs and Coordinate Planes, check out the section in my Teachers Pay Teachers store with all of them available! Both of these Flippables are there in one lesson with an Exit Ticket!

Are you looking for some other resources to help your students understand Coordinate Pairs? Check out my Nerdy Coordinate Pairs Matching Activity. Students can easily match up a coordinate pair to a graph with the correctly placed coordinate.

Coordinate Pairs Match Up

And if you are looking for even more activities that your students will LOVE, how about grabbing this Coordinate Graphing Activities book full of fun activities that engage students in graphing equations, fractions, percents, and more!

coordinate graphing

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